Middle School Virtual Info Session & Tour

Nurturing Curiosity, Confidence, & Community

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Join us to learn more about how our unique program is designed for these critical years during this critical time.

Middle school is a time of life that is full of exciting changes and a time of wonderful opportunity. Students thrive when they are in a supportive and challenging environment and can find great personal reward in taking on responsibilities, developing an intellectual viewpoint and tapping into deep passions. Parker designs its middle school program to provide all of these elements for our students by nurturing curiosity, confidence, and community.

Thursday, February 4th


Why Parker?

Inspiring Curiosity and a Life-Long Love of Learning

Personalized Learning Cultivating a Whole Child

Project-Based Learning For Purposeful Action

Setting The Stage For a Boundless Future

What Parker Parents Say

"The teachers and staff clearly value each child as an individual and also as a contributing member of the school community. They pour themselves into the work of educating our children academically and socially."

"It didn't take me many steps into the building to know that Parker was where we belonged, I was just disappointed we hadn't taken this step sooner."

Meet The Middle School Team

Middle School Team

Parker Prepares

Portrait of a Parker Graduate:

  • Confident in his or her independent thought and voice
  • Possess self-knowledge and self-direction as a learner
  • Passionate about learning and committed to academic and intellectual integrity
  • Are flexible, critical thinkers
  • Communicate effectively and clearly
  • Work collaboratively and able to take the lead on projects
  • Demonstrate a commitment to social responsibility with respect, kindness, understanding, and engagement in a diverse world