2020 Reopening Plan

For Full Time On Campus Learning in PreK-8th Grade

Physical & Emotional Safety 1st!

With nearly 1 acre per student and over 180 square feet of classroom space per student, we are confident that our thoughtful and caring faculty and staff can support a healthy, safe, and fun learning environment as NY allows schools to reopen.

Small Class Size

With less than 100 students in PreK- 8th Grade we can keep our classes small with a student to teacher ratio of 6:1.

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Progressive Mission

Our mission to nurture confidence and community and inspire purposeful action thrives in all learning environments. Whether we are on campus or forced to be online our robust program engages each child in a thoughtful learning process.

Safety First

The health and well being of our students, families, and teachers has been our primary concern when planning for the fall. Lead by Laura Graceffa, our Head of School, members of the Parker community worked together to craft a plan that follows all NYS guidelines for safe reopening.

You can read Laura's latest update, which speaks to some of the following advantages that allow us to provide full-time education safely for all students:

  • Small school of less than 100 students, with a student to teacher ratio of 6:1.
  • 15,000 square feet of indoor space provides students with ample room for each class and school division.
  • 77 acres of outdoor space to use for instruction (something we have always done).
  • Radiant floor heating (ie: each classroom's airflow and ventilation can be managed independently).
  • An informed and conscientious community.
  • A stellar online program if and when students need it.
  • An independent, progressive model that allows us to quickly adapt as things change (we were prepared and launched our full-time online program without the need for students to miss a single day of school this past spring).
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Limited Spots Remain

We have always limited the number of students we accept into each classroom to ensure we can deliver a personalized learning experience. This year we are limiting this number even more for the safety of everyone in our community and to ensure we follow all New York State guidelines. Some classes are already full and we expect others to fill up quickly as more districts announce their plans.

If you are interested, we encourage you to reach out ASAP.

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"The teachers and staff clearly value each child as an individual and also as a contributing member of the school community. They pour themselves into the work of educating our children academically and socially."

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